ok– im kinda bored right now so im gonna tell everyone what has happened in my life since the last time i updated!

sunday— ok so in the morning i went to church- then i came home and later i went back to church and then we had second sunday! it was fun and i played imagine if which was fun (but everyone said that if an angry driver honked at me that i would wink and lick the window! lOl) (and they also said that if andrew was a TV channel he would be the playboy station! haha) then we went and watched ben and john call all the guys in dream phone… they were like “none of the guys like me! they’re all straight!” lOl it was interesting! then my mommy got me subway and i came home.

monday— um… i woke up and kinda did nothing for a while. then at like 5 i went over to victoria’s and we went to the mall with whitney so victoria could get a swimsuit for camp. then we got chinese food in the food court but they turned the lights off on us cause it was time for the mall to close! haha so then we went home and the 3 of us got in the hot tub which was fun! we had water guns and everything! lOl so them we played board games until like 2 and then we went to bed a little while later.

today— so today i woke up at like 11:15 but i knda just layed there til like 12 when i had to go potty- so then victoria heard me get up so me and her went downstairs and watched Tv until whitney finally got up about 1. haha so then mr. doug brought us zaxby’s so we ate and then we walked to the pool and stayed there for a while and then walked back. that was fun! and then my mommy came and picked me up and we went to the dollar store! lOl but we didnt get anything. so then i came home and ate my leftovers from lunch. and now im sitting here doing nothing. lOl

❤ Erin

~~2 days til camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!




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  1. hey
    last night was awesome… i asked my sister if she could hear us singing at 11:00 in the hot tube and she was like no…. i dont know y i even asked her that! only 2days till camp… its going to be awesome!!
    love ya and c ya 2morrow

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