Bold them..
01. I’m single.
02. I love the color blue
03. Shopping is FUN!

04. I love Rent!
05. I think gay marriage should be approved.
06. I’m obsessed with musical theater.
07. I enjoy scrapbooking.
08. I love the color pink.
09. I love to wear sandals
10. I LOVE hugs.
11. I like to take pictures.
12. I am a blonde.
13. I like root beer.
14. I love to drink water
15. I’m an drama queen.
16. I love dark chocolate.
17. My best friend is exactly like me.
18. I’m going to New York soon
19. I love Finding Nemo
20. I love going to concerts.
21. I’m going to the Tony awards
22. I need to apply myself more.
23. I know that I need more sleep
24. I hate needles
25. I love Reese’s!
26. I would never get a tattoo.
27. I’m taking piano lessons.
28. I’m going to be a sophmore.
29. I always take showers
30. I love to swim.
31. I want to travel
33. I hate being bored
34. I’m too lazy! Well sometimes

35. I love to watch Friends
36. I love American Idol.
37. I’d rather have a small group of close friends than a large group of friends that I didn’t know all that well
38. I love Degrassi
39. I’m in chorus at school.
40. Getting new things is always fun.
41. I love giving gifts
42. I enjoy recieving them as well
43. I’m loud in some classes and quiet in others.
44. I love watching films.
45. I am very crazy at times.
46. I love messages
47. I make money by performing in musicals.
48. I hate social studies.
49. I like aol
50. I love using the computer.
51. I think too much.
52. Math is useless.
53. I love to write and type random things.
54. I eat too much junk food.
55. Moulin Rouge makes me cry.
56. My favorite movie is Waiting for Guffman.
57. I have a sister.
58. I like to sing.
59. I also like to act
60. I want to be famous!
61. I have a GPA of 4.0.
62. I scare people sometimes.
63. I love the Disney Channel
64. I hate it when people judge others.
65. I love watching tv.
66. I miss Boy Meets World.
67. I’m so mad/sad about the Rent movie
68. I’ve been to every American Idol concert.
69. I go to Ravinia all the time.
70. I’m listening to Radio AOL.
71. I love listening to music.
72. I like to read.
73. I have blue eyes.
74. I love wearing skirts.
75. I love pets
76. I love ice cream.
77. I hate school
78. I like to talk.
79. Guys are confusing
80. I love the 80s.
81. I’d love to have the money to buy things for people for no reason at all.
82. I love the 90s
83. I enjoy being single
84. I love Ed Debevics.
85. I want to live in NYC.
86. I wake up at 5 on school days.
87. I would love to visit the Mall of America.
88. I already went through braces.
89. I love shopping at Kohls.
90. I always listen to music in the car.
91. I hate when people are mean.
92. If I leave my hair to dry it goes curly
93. I don’t like pop music
94. I’d do anything for my friends.
95. I live for the summer.
96. My hero is Jonathan Larson.
97. I love both of my parents
98. My sign is Aries.
99. I hate Hillary Duff.
100. I love recieving e-mail’s/ims/Xanga Comments.


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  1. wuts up. i saw you at white water yesterday. i was with kristina and taylor and mark. if you don’t remember then that is cool just thought i would let you know. comment back man

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