–ok… yesterday we had the sports club again which was really fun cause we played bounce ball again and we got sprayed with water guns! then i went home with whitney and we went to victoria’s house and had pizza and then me and whitney went to the pool which was fun- and katie met us there after a little while. so then the 3 of us went back to whitney’s house and took showers and had dinner… then victoria’s mom took us to mountasia for putt-putt which was a lot of fun!!! and we got henry!!! (he’s a squishy pink pig that we got with our tickets!) then we went to whitney’s house and had ice cream! then me, victoria, whitney, & katie made a movie!!! it is soOo awesome! we have a scary one and a funny one! they are rEAllY good! lOl then we went to sleep… so this morning we got up (it took a while) and got ready. then victoria’s mom took us to church. and it was fun– we played bounce ball a little, basketball a little, and kickball a little… then and then we had a water balloon/water gun fight!!! it was so much fun! and me and victoria dumped the cooler with ice and water in it on top of andrew! haha so then my mom picked me up and i had lunch and now im doing this! my mom is sick so i think im gonna do some cleaning stuff. and then i might take a nap cause i only got 5 hours or sleep last night and 3 the night before!!

–we made up a “rap” for “the krunk hut” lOl but we didnt get to sing it to the guys yet cause they had to go! –losers!! here it is! ::

welcome to the krunk hut,

its all fun but,

you break the rules,

we’ll kick your butt old school,

theres lots of partying,

but no farting,

theres no profanity,

so keep your sanity,

minors cant come in,

we dont like them,

don’t mess it up,

or well go nuts.

the disco balls turnin,

the lights are burnin,

the music is slammin,

and the people are jammin.

thats the krunk hut,

so watch your butt.

haha i know its dumb but its pretty good for us!


***White Water Tomorrow!!!!

***Camp Next Week!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “

  1. OMG… last night was so much fun… i will brong the camra to show andrew the movies on sunday!!! i cant wait until 2morrow or camp!!!
    Love ya

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