ok the flute pool party yesterday was really fun and i got my hair cut but you cant tell the difference. im bored. call me if you wanna do something this week.

xO Erin


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  1. hey erin! I have missed you so much since i have been gone! i hope you are coming tomorrow!!love you..<3.. amber–isn’t flooters a resteraunt?!? or is it a store or waht is it ahhh i am so confusseled–

  2. Hey, how’d you find Kuchifuki’s xanga site?  I didnt think anybody would be able to find it though…lol…I shut it down though because I didnt want to take care of 2 accounts…seeya later

  3. hey eriN! haha the game tonight was so much fun….when-ever you got out it was b/c i was talking to you! haha i am so sorry! Thanks for explaining the flooters thing to me! Now that i get it (kinda) it is funny haha! i love you babe see ya sunday! next week is gonna be fun!..<3.. amber

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