hey guys–

i haven’t really done much today. i don’t feel too good. i think i have a cold or something. oh well… i’ll probly feel better pretty soon. i had fun at white water yesterday with katie but that was like the only thing i had planned for this week– except for on friday. i got a oboe last night from the highschool but i played it a little and like half the notes wouldn’t come out. i don’t know if it was me or the instrument but i think we’re gonna take it to the shop like tomorrow or something. ok so i don’t have any interesting stuff to say. write more the next time i get bored. lol

xO Erin


One thought on “

  1. hey erin!!!
         how’s your SuMmEr going?! mines been pretty boring…haha…what all do you have planned?! well i’m gonna go—>see you at church*** leave me some commentS…

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