hey guys!!! so i finally got some time to make an entry! haha… but today is the first official day of summer ‘05!!! i can’t believe it! i mean– i was so ready to get out of pine mountain and everything but it doesn’t seem like its all over. it just doesn’t seem like i’ll never go to school at pine mountain middle school again… im gonna miss my friends a whole bunch over the summer so all of you guys better keep in touch with me!!! im ready for highschool but i just dont want everything to change between me and my friends… ok so heres what i have been up to.

WEDNESDAY— ok so it was my birthday!!! so we had a normal school day except for the connections awards ceremony which was ok… but we had to sit on stage the whole time so i just talked to daniel. and my wonderful friends decorated my locker for me! and it was beautiful… but it took forever for me and meghan to get all the stuff off of it and out of it! lol so then i went to church and got to see my friends and that was fun– and hannah’s mom brought a cake for her since the next day was her birthday and it was yummy. then i came home and my parents had a little cake for me and i got some candy and the napoleon dynamite DVD!!! haha so then i went to bed.

THURSDAY— thursday was honors day at school so we stayed in homeroom for a while and some of us helped mrs. ballew take down her board and stuff. then we had out citation free party which was basically eating a popsicle and sitting in the commons– but it was fun! then our pod went into the theater for the awards ceremony… and i got like 4 awards! i totally didn’t expect that. but i got perfect attendance and i had been absent 2 days already!! haha so after that i got the presidential award, the algebra award, and the outstanding student award. after that none of us wanted to stay at school because we were just gonna stay in homeroom for like 3 hours. so i got my daddy to take me home. so when i came home i cleaned my room and then that was about all i did.

FRIDAY— it was the last day of school!!! in homeroom we got our yearboooks and i really liked them this year– and we signed in homeroom a little bit and then we had 3rd period and we pretty much just signed yearbooks in that class too. then i went to math and we played jjinga (sp) and signed yearbooks! then we had connections and we signed yearbooks the whole time in PE and in band. after that we had our party and it was really fun. they had a DJ and we got to eat food! haha but we requested ice ice baby and they played it for us!!! lol then we went back to the commons and signed yearbooks with the whole 8th grade and than just sat in homeroom until it was time to go. after school my girls rachel, sharon, cassie, and meghan came home with me for my birthday and we had a ton of fun!!! we played games, pigged out, did make-up and hair, and dressed up! lol it was so much fun!!!

SATURDAY— on saturday we woke up at like 10 something and then we took my friends home. and after that i came home and then me and my parents went out to lunch and then they bought me an iPod!!!! i was so excited! so after that we came home and i loaded music on it for a while and then went to sleep.

SUNDAY— um… i got up and went to church. and sunday school was fun and we had donut holes! then we went to church but none of my friends were sitting anywhere or talking to me so i just left and went and sat with my parents! lol then we had lunch and we came home and i loaded more music onto my iPod and hung out around the house until i went to sleep.

—so today i slept in til like 10:30 and then talked to katie on the phone for a while and ate some frozen pizza and now im doing this. i think im probly gonna go to white water with katie tomorrow and then on friday i have the flute pool party which is gonna be a lot of fun. i cant wait!!! im gonna go do some other stuff around the house since i cant go anywhere today. ill talk to ya later.

–xO– Erin ❤



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