ok– i finally have some time to update so im gonna make a long entry. i havent dont that in a while…

Monday– um… i went to school which was normal except for math EOCTs which were sooo easy–  and then i rode to KMHS with rachel, mary, and meghan for marching band rookie camp and that was a lot of fun! then me and rachel went back to pine mountain and it was like 5th grade parent night and since my mom is a 6th grade teacher and rachel’s little bro is gonna be in 6th grade next year we both had to stay there for a while– so we hung out in my moms office nad it was fun and we shared our dinners…. cause i ate some of rachel’s biscuit and pringles and she ate some of my pizza rolls. so that was fun then i came home and went to bed pretty soon.

Tuesday– normal day at school again except for EOCTs which were still very easy.  then went to KMHS with sharon, rachel, mary, meghan, and brianna– and it was still fun! im soOo excited about highschool and marching band next year! i cant wait!!! so anyways- then i came home and did my homework and went to bed. 

Wednesday– ok–> i had beta club in the morning and we talked about induction which is gonna be cool.  then mrs. mccann helped us study for the science test which helped me some– then it was a pretty average day except for band was really boring cause i didnt have my oboe– but thats ok.  so then i went to church and got to hand put with my friends which was fun.  then i came home and did my LA project which i think i did pretty good on even thought it only took my like 45 minutes! haha! then i went to bed.

Thursday– i went to school early and worked with katie on oboe, but i didnt have mine so i played flute while she played oboe– but it worked out ok.  so then we had a normal day except for double band which was fun except for mrs. still gettin mad at us– but i had my oboe by then and i got out of playing floor hockey in PE so thats always nice. lOl. so then we had rookie camp at KMHS again which was fun but it started raining so we went inside and the flutes had story time which was fun! then after that we had a new member meeting and i got to see DaNiEl!!! haha! j/k so at the meeting me n sharon were listening to mexican radie stations and then me n rachel n katy hung out in the halls for a while which was fun except i realized that my shorts were see through! oops! haha then i came home and did some stuff then went to bed at like 11:30.

Today– ok so today i didnt go to school cause 8-2 went to six flags but i didnt really wanna go so i just stayed home.  so i slept in til like 10:15 then i got up and got ready… then me and my mom went and had lunch and saw because of winn dixie which was really cute! then we got TCBY and came home.  so then i had to get ready to go see a play with my grandma and my aunt for mothers day and it was pretty cute– and i straightened my hair!!! lOl um– then we came home and i had leftover chinese food for dinner and now im writing this!!!

wOw!!! this really was a long entry! hehe– see you guys tomorrow!

[[xo]] Erin ❤

P.S. Happy Birthday to Daniel!

leave c o m m e n t s! it will make me happy!!!


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