tonight is the dance! im so excited!



OMG!!!! the dance was sooo much fun!!!! we danced like the whole time! everybody looked so pretty all dressed up! and all the guys looked good too! haha. it was awesome!! then dinner was fun- we went to macaroni grill and there were like 100 people from our school there but at our table it was me, cassie, meghan, rachel, daniel, brianna, katy beth, mary, sharon, & stephen!  it was tons of fun!!! im tired now though… probly gonna go to bed soon. see you guys in the mornin–

–i ❤ you!!– Erin


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  1. IT WAS AWESOME YO!” as we gather.. we remember.. all the times we.. had together~”haha i dunno if those are the right words buh close enough rai? ^___^;;aite well that was an awesome DATE erin! ;D we should go on those mor often! PUAHA! JUS KIDDING! xDsee you at school! [[ -___-;; eoct on monday and tuesday yO! ]

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