haha. i wrote this at school today–

–Spring Break Adventures– [they are mostly accurate, atleast to what i can remember]


erin: oh my gosh! This freckle on my arm itches really bad!

kate: its a mole.

erin: no its not! its a freckle!

victoria: its growing hair.

erin: no its not, my freckle is bald!


victoria: please! just let me shave my legs! it will only take 2 minutes!

nana: no. im not holding up leaving for dinner so you can shave your legs!

pop: give me your leg. [shaves her legs with his electric beard trimmer]


victoria: …he had an awesome six pack…

nana: well i know you wouldnt be drinking beer anyways.

erin: nana, we werent talking about beer.

nana: yes you were. i heard you say six pack.

victoria: we were talking about abs.

nana: ive never heard them called that before.


me and victoria walk really far down the beach in bikins, shorts, and no shoes.  we walked so far that the walkie talkies didnt work anymore so we want to see how far we had gone.  we start walking up off the beach towards the main road and while we were walking up the sidewalk this truck drives with these ugly guys in their twentys and they honk at us! it was so funny! but lated we times it and we ended up walking almost 3 miles!


[sitting in restuarant]

victoria: [keeps playing with and fixong her hair}

nana: stop fixing your hair at the table. ill tell you i fyou need to fix your hair.

         -10 minutes later-

[group of teenage guys walks in]

nana [loudly]: you can fix your hair now victoria!

lady at next table: she got you bad!


we were driving in REALLY slow traffic and we pass this mini van and they are riding with their windows down and both their sliding doors open and there are like 3 college guys in it.  me and victoria are like that is so funny, let’s take a picture so we can show people how they were driving! so we pull up beside them with our cameras up ready to take a picture and then they see us and start laughing! we were so embarassed and laughing so hard that we didnt even get a picture.


[i bought a new shirt that has aristocats on it]

erin: [walks out of house onto porch] guess what! i was putting this shirt on and i was think about the aristocats, and the name of that movie is funny because its like aristocrats but with cats instead!

nana: you just now figured that out! you really are a dumb blond!


on the way back from florida traffic was really bad on the highway so we were taking the back roads and we were in the middle of nowhereand stopped at this restaurant.  me and victoria ordered hot dogs and when we got them thay were bright pink and they tasted like warm spam! it was so nasty!! but then my nana was like “those hotdogs are perfectly fine! they just have food coloring in them and are boiled. i used to eat them raw all the time!”


this is the end of my spring break adventures. [atleast the funny, interesting ones]  i have to go do my homework.  xO– Erin ❤


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