hey guys!!!

its been a while since i have written. so this might be a kinda long entry. >>plus- i am trying to avoid doing my homework. lol

–THURSDAY~ ok i had to get up at 4:30!!! omg it was so early. haha so then i got ready and went to school and got on the bus. but we got on the bus with only two groups on it! the other bus had four! and our bus was really boring! i mean the people on there were cool and all it was just like sooo quiet cause there werent many people. so we stopped at shoney’s and that was pretty fun then like everyone was watching these 2 guys skate and they werent very good and we were like making fun of them! it was mean but it was hilarious!! then we go back on the bus and when we got there we went and out our stuff in our rooms and then we had like orientation and then lunch. after lunch we got in our groups and lucky me got in the group with the bad leader.  he was soo boring and he like didnt know a lot of the questions we asked him.  oh well. his lessons were really boring and when we went to do this little museum hunt think like everyone copied the answers!!! lol so the best part was all the simulators which were really fun.  but that was like the only good part.  and then later we went back to our rooms and got ready for bad and all the junk.  but we didnt want to go to sleep but the people there like forced us to! it was mean. 

–FRIDAY~ ok so we were rudely awakened at 6:30 and we got up and got ready then took all our stuff to the busses.  then we went and had breakfast.  then we watched an I-MAX movie which was ok.  then we did some other boring stuff.  then we got to go to the gift shop for a while [omg. freeze dried icecream is not very good] and then we go to to do the simulators for another like 45 minutes which was fun.  then we got on the busses to head back and we stopped and had wnedy’s for lunch which was fun.  then the bus ride back was kinda boring but oh well.  all the guys were being nerds and actually doing their math packets.  we didnt even bring ours! lol then we got back and i chased daniel around the parking lot. hehe. then i went to chuch for the good friday servicw which was good but i didnt sing.  then we had dinner there and met the new high school minister.  then i came home and pretty much just went to sleep.

–TODAY~ well, my mom woke me up at 11:30 and we went shopping for something new to wear to church tomorrow since it is easter.  then i came home and put my pictures on the computer and i am avoiding doing my homework.  thats about it.  i might put some of the picutres on here later.

[xox] >>Erin

P.S. Today is Alex’s b-day!!! HAPPY B-DAY ALEX!

P.S.S. tell me if you’re going to march madness tomorrow!



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  1. Hey Erin. You ever notice in all the pictures I’m in I look like such a spaz? Well, all except the one that was on Amanda’s phone- but whatever. ^-^

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