hey guys!

today was really exciting! i left my house at 10:00 this morning and i just got home.  first, i went and got my hair done and i think it looks really pretty! im gonna try to wear it to church tomorrow! hehe and then i went to the church and got dressed and everything and we took pictures and all that stuff.  then we had the wedding and it was really good!  and then we had the reception and then some of us went and decorated their car which was really fun! then they left and we helped clean up and all that junk. then like most of the family went to my grandma’s house and had dinner which was really fun.  and their were a bunch of little kids and they were so adorable!  so that was my day but im really tired now.  i dont wanna go to bed though so i might put some of the pictures my mom took of my camera on here.  see ya.

[xox] Erin


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