today was a pretty good day.  the field trip was ok.  the planatarium was kinda stupid but the varsity was fun.  then i was really hyper in technology and it was fun but i cant really be hyper in band cause ill get in trouble but it was just normal.  then i went to the adopt a mile thing for beta club which was pretty fun. we got to wear those bright yellow vests.  we looked so cool! lol.  then i came home and ate dinner and took a shower.  i am very tired but i dont know why.  i guess its kinda just been a long week.  im very glad that there is no school tomorrow.  im going to sleep in.  then later i have to go to the rehersal for my uncle’s wedding but it shouldnt be too bad. i wanna go to march madness on sunday! i hope i can come and i probably can cause i dont have any homework.  im freezing! it is always very cold in my house.  i ever turned the heat up and im wearing socks, sweatpants, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt and im still cold.  i might go sit on the heating vert in a minute. hehe.  im kinda bored right now.  my mom went to the grocery store.  im thinkin about redoing my xanga.  im not sure though.  i might write more later… maybe not.  i dunno.  see ya later.

[xox] Erin


  oh yes.  thats me. hehe


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  1. hey erin! i love your new xanga! and that pic is awesome cuz i take great pics! haha! yawl do look really pretty though! well i want to go to march madness too and i am plannen on it so ya! luv you

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