hey everybody!

~i decided to update… i haven’t in a while.  i go to my site and stuff i just haven’t had much exciting stuff happen.  just normal–

*today i learned a few interesting things-

1.i only have to survive 5 more days of techconnect!!!!! im soo happy!

2.i have a one field trip a week for the next three weeks! [next week               8-2 field trip to fernbank, the next week festival, and the next week space camp!] its gonna be so much fun!

3. you know how during like the slave days and stuff like we’re learnin about in social studies– well they called kansas “bleeding kansas” and now we call it the heart of our nation? well isnt that funny how its the heart and the heart like bleeds? lol random fact of the day.

ok… well thats all i learned today! pretty good for me! hehe tomorrow is FrIDay!!! im so glad! plus 8-1 is goin on a field trip so i get to stay in my homeroom for french period and hopefully be able to sit next to meghan! and there are only gonna be like 6 people in our science class tomorrow! that will be fun. AND we get to be in the computer lab for LA which will be better than normal class.  i hope its not in abc order though cause then i have to sit next to travis… oh well.  i hope i get to miss technology tomorrow for band.  that would be awesome!

i hope cassie is back tomorrow… all my classes are quieter w/o her! shes sick though so im not sure if she’ll be there. oh well. thats all i have to say right now. probly right some tomorrow night cause i dont have any plans yet.

❤ Erin

P.S. 8th grade gurls shoppin on sunday!!!!! gonna be bunches of fun! yall gotta come! we will go to lunch and shop after church so just bring a change of clothes! we’ll meet back at the church at like 4:30 so you can either stay til church or your parents can pick you up! **the chior is singin though and rehersal starts @ 5:00 so bring ur khakis and navy blue shirt  if youre gonna sing!


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