hey guys!

-i haven’t written in a while.  not much has been goin on this week.  it was a long week! but it wasn’t bad or anything. just ok.  we got progress reports.  my grades are pretty good.  most of my grades dropped a little but i still have all a’s so im happy.  mardi gras was lots of fun on tuesday but we ate so much we were about to throw up! like literally. but it was yummy! church was fun on wenesday.  i had missed last week so it was good to see everybody.  today was a hat day! i wore my truckin for jesus hat! i look like an idiot in it though… lol.  travis took it from me once and wouldnt give it back unless i gave him a piece of gum!– i gave him a piece of gum. haha.  i bought valentines today! but im not gonna tell you what they are so they’ll be a surprise! lol i also got the tobymac cd that i’ve wanted forever and max q.  i’ve heard that it is really good so im lookin forward to doin it! um… dont forget to come to second sunday at marietta pizza on sunday night! its gonna be awesome! ok well im gonna go do somethin else. talk to ya later.

[xoxo] Erin

*When people grow up they realize that its less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.


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