hey guys! this is my second entry for the day.  i hardly ever do that but my mom had to stay late at school today so i already finished all my hw.  so im bored now.  thats why im writing another entry.

>>today when we got home i decided to take my dog for a walk.  so we started walking around my block but somehow ginger slipped out of her collar.  then she turned around and ran all the way back to our house.  i probly looked really stupid chasing after her! lol im such a dork!

>>the super party was really fun last night!we watched half the game then got bored and went outside to play basketball! hehe i had a really good time even though i didnt really have much of an idea of what was going on.  football confuses me.  maybe ill learn more about it sometime.  i didnt really learn anything from playing it in PE last year.  oh well.

>>school was ok today.  it was a monday.  what more can i say.  we didnt really do anything important.  but tomorrow is MARDI GRAS!!! im so excited! french class is gonna be so much fun! but it stinks that the KMHS people are comin to talk to us and it cuts that period short! o well.  i guess its not that bad.

>>im beginning to think that im too nice.  im not bein stuck up or anything cause i dont think its a good thing.  i dont like being mean and i cant stand hurting people’s feelings.  it gets me in bad situations.  because of this i have friends in a lot of different groups.  Some people in one group dont like people in another group.  i want to be friends with all of them so i choose not to take sides in front of them. even thought i feel strongly one way i dont tell anybody except for one person that feels the same way i do.  I dont want to loose any of my friends because i love all of them and they are all awesome! i just wish that all my friends would like each other.  but i guess i have no control over that.  i cant change other people’s minds.  [BTW- im not just talking about one situation if you think you know what im talking about.  this has happened to me a bunch of times.] i feel like im being a hypocrite because i go along with both sides just so i dont hurt anyone.  maybe ill just start bein mean…..

>>today is stephanie’s b-day! say happy birthday to him.  i forgot to get him pom-poms.  i feel really bad. oh well. not that bad! lol

>>this is like the longest entry ive written in a really long time! im gonna go do something else now.  see ya later.

[xox] ~Erin

P.S. its only 11 days til my 13 and 3/4 birthday! hehe


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  1. Hey Erin- I’ve never noticed how serious you can be sometimes {that is if you wrote the thing in the white box ^.~}. I love it, it rox. ^^

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