hey guys! i’m sooo glad today was an early release! i really needed one.  it seems like evryone is sick and i didnt feel good today. plus we have to redo like our whole science project cause we got a 26 on it! out of 100! o well… im just like really worn out but i have a ll my hw done so im gonna go to church in a litl while. c ya lata [xo] Erin




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  1. hey i wuz glad that it wuz an early release 2. sorry that you fell in that chair it wuz funny though hehe. so i wasnt at church cuz my friend asked me to go with her. to her church it wuz so much fun we played this dragon dodge ball and some guy hit me in the butt with the ball and i fell and then some person sat on me it wuz hilarious!!!! well c ya sunday!! 
    love ya,  Sarah

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