RULES: Write a statement intended for 14 different people. NEVER TELL which one is for who. are the one friend that can always make me laugh even when i feel horrible
2.i can ALWAYS call you to talk about anything whatever time it is are such a drama queen it is insane but it is always entertaining to be around you
4.i wish i were closer friends with you but i know you will always be there for me
5. even though you may not know it i truely love you
6. you are one of the craziest people i know but you are one of my best friends because of it
7. i absolutely love being around you.  we always have tons of fun because we are so much alike
8. we are always blond around each other–together we lack a lot of common sense
9. we’ve been through a lot together but i’m glad we are really good friends now and i know we will be for a long time
10. i don’t know you very well but you can always make me smile
11. sometimes you really aggrivate me but we always come out laughing at each other always cheer me up.  when i talk to you i always end up laughing
13. i can always count on you to give me the latest gossip
14. everytime you say something to me i laugh.  you have a great personality


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