–ahhhhh! i dont want to go bak to skool tomorrow!!!! i want to see all my friends but not hafta go to skool! lol o well… i guess thats not gonna happen. 

–well the party last night was *tons-o-fun* it was awesome! i love that movie! and then i had a bunch a fun at katie’s house!  we chewed literally like 30 gumballs! haha i need to go brush my teeth REALLY good! hehe

–well, i g2g eat i’llbeonline lata tonight!

–xox ~Erin~


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  1. hey erin! merry christmas/ happy new year! its sad that i didnt get to go to georgia this year but thats how things worked out i guess. thank you for my present though, i always love ulta! ill use that in about .25 seconds lol anyway i just wanted to say hey, ill ttyl ❤ Megan
    p.s. i love love love love love napoleon dynamite!! HECK YESS

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