sweetsouthern948: your name should be veronicka

funguschic76: why?

sweetsouthern948: or maybelline

sweetsouthern948: or bessie

funguschic76: again… why?

sweetsouthern948: veronika b.c its unusual

sweetsouthern948: maybelline cuz it makes me think of you cuz it sounds like you

sweetsouthern948: bessie cuz it just reminds me of you so much

funguschic76: alright

sweetsouthern948: bessie is the most sutable

sweetsouthern948: can i call you Old Bess

funguschic76: no

sweetsouthern948: plez

sweetsouthern948: oh

sweetsouthern948: pleszohplehsz

funguschic76: fine i really dont care wut you call me

sweetsouthern948: YaY

sweetsouthern948: im thrilled


funguschic76: good

sweetsouthern948: yes are you thrilled

sweetsouthern948: ???

funguschic76: yup!!!!!

sweetsouthern948: im thrilled that you are thrilled

funguschic76: great!

sweetsouthern948: isnt thrilled such a thrilling word

sweetsouthern948: i think it is

sweetsouthern948: what a thrill

funguschic76: lol

sweetsouthern948: time for the thriller

sweetsouthern948: Your the thriller, old bess

funguschic76: ur weird

sweetsouthern948: my nicknames not old bess

sweetsouthern948: Bessie mae

funguschic76: ok

sweetsouthern948: so you are weirding me out

sweetsouthern948: did you quit talkin to me bessie?

funguschic76: nope

sweetsouthern948: OH OLD BESS

sweetsouthern948: YOU ARE SO HURTFUL

funguschic76: im sorry

sweetsouthern948: yes i kno

funguschic76: please forgibe me

sweetsouthern948: does neone else think you look like a bessie

funguschic76: not that i know of… u can ask people if u want to though

sweetsouthern948: i mitgh

funguschic76: ok

sweetsouthern948: i kno u love the attention

funguschic76: o yes

sweetsouthern948: did you know that a lot of heffiers are named bessie

funguschic76: are you still goin deaf?

sweetsouthern948: no

funguschic76: good


funguschic76: uh huh i figured thats why u are callin me that

sweetsouthern948: LoL

sweetsouthern948: u crak me up

sweetsouthern948: bess

sweetsouthern948: u r such a comedian

sweetsouthern948: old bess

funguschic76: i knowQ!

sweetsouthern948: O YES Q

funguschic76: haha

sweetsouthern948: ha

sweetsouthern948: cha

funguschic76: he che

sweetsouthern948: sassaogoras

funguschic76: huh?

sweetsouthern948: i dont kno

funguschic76: o ok

sweetsouthern948: i think it in vietnameise

sweetsouthern948: or latin

sweetsouthern948: or germanic

funguschic76: o yeah…

sweetsouthern948: or romantic

sweetsouthern948: i dont kno

funguschic76: k

funguschic76: h/o

sweetsouthern948: it sounds sweedish

sweetsouthern948: what do you think

sweetsouthern948: * i will h/o

sweetsouthern948: im sorry old bess, but i must be off

funguschic76: ok im back.

funguschic76: ok ill ttyl

sweetsouthern948: ^^


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