hey guys!!!! i haven’t written in FOREVER!  a lot has happened sice then! well, we went on the caving trip which was AWESOME! —had a lot of fun, took lots of pictures, had a few blond moments, stayed up late, and then we did the educational stuff! but it was fun to! ill show u my pictures if ya wanna see em…. well and then i went to cassie’s house this weekend and we dressed up as ember! haha good times! and then we saw the incredables! it was good.  and this week has been ok… it started off kinda bad for me but its gettin a lot better! pretty good today…. still not a bunch goin on though.  o well.  maybe my life will get more interesting soon.  i hope so! got a good bit of hw to do then i might go to the mall… tomorros is FRYDAY! (and yes… i know i spelled it worng) well c ya later! ~~~Erin~~~


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