-full name: Erin Ann Brownlee

nickname(s): fungus, rn, brownie, dumb erin, eskimo, riceroni, wutever.

-gender: female

age: 13

-birthday: 5/18/1991

height: sumwhere around 5’3″ or 5’4″

hair color: BLOND!!!!!

eye color: greenish, goldish, brownish

-o you wear glasses or contacts: nope

do you have braces: not anymore!

-our hair long or short: long, it’s about halfway down my back

where were you born: Atlanta, Georgia

-current location: Marietta

bad habits: ugh! i bite my nails!

-piercings you have: just my ears

piercings you want: i want a second hole!

-todays date: 10/7/04

the time: 8:20 pm

-ready for a bunch more questions: im soooo excited!


are you still in school: yup i got 5 more years

-did you drop out: um no–didn’t i just say i was still in?

current gpa, or last gpa you got: 4.0

-favorite grade: last year was GREAT! but this year could be just as good…

least favorite grade: i dunno… i haven’t really had just ONE bad year!

-least favorite subject: none are terrible but im not really a language arts person!

do/did you buy lunch or bring it: always bring it!

-play any sports on the schools team: nope

do/did you do any extracurricular activities: um… band i guess—not really extracurricular

-favorite dance this year: haven’t had any yet

favorite dance in school: the pizza parties have been ok… but the 8th grade dance is gonna ROCK!


-number: 76

clothing brands: aeropostale and american eagle… but im not a prep or anything

-shoes: i’m fine goin barefoot but i favor just flip-flops or my fake birkenstocks

tv show: don’t really have one

-sport: again dont really have one

vegetable: i love carrots

PRiVAtE lifE*

-do you have a Bf/GF:nope

do you have a crush: of course!

-do you love anyone right now: nope… not like that

have you ever been in love: not sure…

-how many people have you kissed: never been kissed…

who was your first kiss: …^^

-how many hearts have you broken: i hope i havent broken any!

how many people broke your heart: um… hafta think…

-do you have a picture of yourself: wut?

do you go by looks or personality: looks get my attention but personality gets me to like someone

-ever kissed ur best male friend: nope

are you still friends:

-so moving along.. do you smoke: nope and i dont plan to

do you smoke weed: nope

-ever trip on acid: u know wut… i dont even know wut that means!lol

are you a virgin: yes *TLW*


bungee jump: if my friends talked me into it

sky dive: same thing

-scuba dive: yes

steal a friends boyfriend: nope 

-lie to the police: depends on the situation

run from the police: probly not

-lie to your parents: i try not to but i still do sumtimes

walk up to a stranger and kiss them: no

-be an exotic dancer: haha can u see me doin that?

walk out of a restaurant without paying: nope

-streak: haha… probly if sumbody talked me into it….


best friend(s): Don’t really have a best friend— lots of really close friends

-known longest: um… probly like sharon or cassie

wish you talked to more: all of them

-who drives you insane after a while: most of them— not offense i -drive all of them insane too!

who can you talk to forever and never get sick of: um… i dunno

-ever lose a good friend because you took it to the ‘next level’:nope-can always make you laugh: cassie!!! and most of the time rachel

-best personality: all of them! thats why we’re friends!

-biggest drug user: i dont think any of them do drugs…

always hyper and crazy: that would probly be me

-smartest: i dunno… im the smartest blond!!!

horny one: uh…

-most quiet: none of em are quiet!

always fun: all of em!

-long distance friend: um… i dont know if i have any that i still keep in touch with

you had a crush on: like i’d put that on here… well some of u already know

-known for the shortest time: probly like Brianna

loudest: um… lots of them

-most mature: uh… none! lol

sometimes scary: muahaha! me! no im not sure.

-most fights with: lou! lol

shortest in size: mary

-most athletic: erin g.

always happy: um… im not sure who to choose.

-drama queen: oh gosh! probly like victoria!

youngest: um… probly cassie of my close friends

-tallest: sarah giles

nicest/helpful: all of them

-oldest: not sure

go to for advice:any of them are there for me when i need advice 

-always around: Katie

most talkative: haha again that would probly be me! and a couple others!


-flashed someone: no

told the person you liked how you felt: no but i came pretty close!

-gotten really REALLY wasted: nope

gone to jail or juvi: nope

-skateboarded: i tried once… i stick to watchin the cute skaters

skinny dipped: halfway… don’t ask

-stolen anything: i stole a pencil…

broke someones bone: nope

-kicked someones butt: kiddingly

pegged someone in the head with a snowball: nope cause we don’t ever get much snow

-broke a beer bottle: no

kissed someone of the same sex: nope

-flicked someone off: dont think so

gone on a road trip: no considering that i can’t drive

-gone on vacation without adult supervision: no

been to a concert: yeah nsync lol

-been to another country: yep mexico

talked back to an adult:yeah- but not very often 

-got pulled over: no i dont drive

got in a car accident: when sumone else was drivin yeah

-broke a law: i stuck my head in somebodys mailbox and victoria’s b-day party

given money to a homeless person:nope

-tried to kill yourself: no

cried to get out of trouble: duh!

-kissed a friends brother or sister: nope

WhAT did YOU dO?*

last birthday: had a pretty big party

-yesterday: school…church

last weekend: um…fair, church, thats about it.

-christmas: normal family gatherings

thanksgiving: same

-new years eve: celebrated w/ my parents in out RV in keywest

halloween: party @ jessi’s

thE lAST*

-thing you ate: french fries

thing you drank: water

-thing you wore: jeans and a sweatshirt

place you went: school

-thing you got pierced/tattooed: my ears

person you saw: my mom

person you kissed:

–person you talked to: my mom

song you heard: suds in the bucket


-what are you eating: nuttin 

what are you drinking: water 

-what are you wearing: jeans and a sweatshirt… wut i wore to skool

any shoes on: nope

-hair: in a pony tail

listening to: i can here the TV in the living room

-talking to anyone: nope

are you pissed i made this so long: not really i had nothing better to do

-now that this is over, what are you going to do: i dunno… i guess i need to practice oboe


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