hey everybody!~

*I haven’t written in forever! ive been kinda busy! lets see… wut happened in erin’s life today? well this mornin we picked up ms. mabes and rebekah and took them to school… and my day started off pretty good. ultimate fribee in p.e. alright, played a new song in band that wasn’t boring, got to go outside in french, math was pretty easy, s.s. was ok, sci was pretty good- just took notes, and L.A. was fun except for the part about the demon computers (don’t ask). they were so stupid! but thats ok. then we came home, and i ate dinner and did my homework and then ive been on the computer. lou tried to find out who i like… but it didn’t work, and not too much has been goin on. im kinda worried about a couple of people right now but i won’t talk about that cause everyone doesn’t need to know about that.  well, i probly gotta get off soon–lala—i think i have a boring life. not really. just right now. L.T. said i have to get 100 signatures not instead of 50 so i haveta get 39 more by friday so he will hit mr. h hilp! lol i don’t think he’ll do it though. o well. thats alright if he doesn’t. but atleast he told him to shut up yesterday! um… cassie made a new song up today! ask me to sing it to u if u wanna learn it! hehe. its a cool song! wow. if thats a cool song thats pretty pathetic. YAY! tomorrow is early release! thats a good thing! classes are short and we can’t get anything done! lol that will be good. hehe. and plus we have a movie day on friday (for most people) so i get out of like 2 or 3 classes which is awesome! so that will be fun. but thursday is a normal day…plain and boring… but thats alright my days are usually pretty good. except when certain people bug me… but they still turn out alright.  well i think i gotta go now… lots-o-lovin! *XoXo* ~Erin~


P.S. <<thats what part of the alphabet would look like without the Q and the R! **got that from rachel! if you don’t get it don’t worry! it took me a whole day and she had to explain it to me! lol but ur probly not a litl slow like me!





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