heyhey everybody! i hope ur days goin good. mine is. i dont really have anything to do right now though. no homework, room is clean, no church tonight, not many people are online… thats ok though. i have this dumb thing to write in! lol i really do have a life! hehe i went to church this mornin. pretty fun! our team won taboo! yay! that was fun. then in church i tried to draw a chicken. lets just say that didnt work out too well. me and victoria were tryin not to crack up! it was hilarious. i think the guys behind us were laughin too lookin over my shoulder but im not sure. my chickens were pathetic. they reminded me of those little things that cockatrice created or wutever in the book of the dun cow. i dunno why i just kinda thought of those. i think of random things every once in a while. haha thats me! ok well i dont have much to say right now. im gonna go do sumthin else! c yas **HUGZ N KISSEZ** ~Erin~muahz


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