hey everybody. . . I HAVENT WRITTEN IN FOREVER!  o well. my life has been pretty normal lately. school, homework, food, sleep, shower, school, homework, food, sleep, shower and a few other things thrown in there like church and partys but thats pretty much it. after 4 and a half weeks i have finally realized that summer is not someing back and i need to get back into my school routine.  it makes me sad. but thats ok. well have summer agin in less than 9 months. well im being optimistic! lol school actually isnt that bad this year but i still miss 7th grade. i had an awesome year last year! but this year is gonna be fun and im puttin a smile on my face every mornin.  once again i am confused about many things but i wont explain now if you ask me i probly tell you if ur one of my close friends but i cant promise you anything. i dont feel good this week. i am tired and its only tuesday. im not supposed to be this tired til thursday.  o well. im not stuck up or anything but most people would agree that im usually a pretty happy and nice person. . .unless i dont feel good.  and i dont feel good so if you bug me this week im sorry if i get mad. ok well im gonna go practice oboe- i got a 103 on my playing test today! YAY! im glad. im gonna go to sleep early tonight so i wont be as tired at school and church tomorrow. im excited about church tomorrow i hope more people are there than last week though. we’ll see. ttyl *I LUV YOU BUNCHES* ~Erin~


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