hey peeps!

i hope ur havin a good day! last night i went to victoria’s mommy’s 40th birthday surprise party and it was pretty fun but we got bored for a while and we were callin like all the guys that i had programmed in my cell but only like 2 were home which was dumb but thats ok… we were gonna start a dance party in the basement by the bar but we couldnt dance to country and ben couldnt come even after his parents got home so that idea didnt go over too well but thats alright… so i didnt get home til pretty late cause my dad had to stop by this house that was being built that he was doin the cabinets for so i didnt go to sleep until like midnight which doesnt sound late but it is considering that i had to get up at seven thirty this mornin cause we had to get to church early for sunday school open house. it was so much fun! our room was awesome and we had the best food except for underground which did have a cookie cake but thats alright. the room looked really good for a while cause me n jessi blew up a lot of helium balloons and then all the 8th grade gurls blew up a bunch and theywere all over the floor but then all the guys were suckin in the helium so the room didnt look as prettyful anymore but they were so funny ben was like “Im a little birdie!” it was hilarious and jordans like i have a headache now! lol then we played a game and went up to the service and all the 8th graders pretty much sat together which is unusual so that was good but then will broke victoria’s boyfriend louie’s arm! how rude! louie is awesome! he can breakdance and victoria found him on the beach in st. augustine! hehe but we were sittin behind all the guys and alex’s family was sittin on that row too and his little brother is so cute and he was drawing a picture and it was so funny but it was probly a lot better than i could do! lol then we went to eat and now im here sitting at the computer writing more and more cause i know when i get off i have to go do my homework… bleh! i dont like doing homework…im a good student and i still dont like doing homework…my mom is a teacher and i still dont like doin homework but then again nobody does– unless ur like sum super geek! lol j/k so i guess i better go do sum of it cause if i dont ill have to do it all after iget home from church tonight which will suck more than if i do it now. well i guess im gonna go… please call me if u read this you can call my house or my cell 770.426.9465 or 404.388.0688 thank  you if you call for giving me an excuse not to do my homework… c ya lata alligator… *Lots of Luv* ~Erin~


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