hey everybody!!!! i havent written in like a week! but i have officially made through my first week of 8th grade! lol its goin pretty god but u know they havent started all the like “real work” yet… o well well i like my schedule and i have friends in all of my classes which is GREAT!!! i dont like pretty much any of the seating arrangements though.  some of them arent bad but i really dont like some of them… i have p.e. first w/ coach boone and i sit next to erin, julia, and ashley which is good and then in band i just sit next to daniel which isnt bad or anything im just not sitting near any of my close friends. o well thats ok we cant really talk anyways.  then in french i sit in like the back corner which i really dont like but the people i sit next to are ok. i sit next to taylor and in our like little square**ask me to explain** marissa and andrew sit in it.  but we have lunch in that class which is good. i usually sit w/ cassie and kaley and lou which is a lot of fun except when it makes me smell like oranges lol dont ask then i go to algebra and i have like a bunch of friends in that and i sit next to nathan and leana which wouldnt be like me first choice of who to sit next to but its pretty good. then i go to social studies and i sit next to nobody! literally i sit next to the aisle and then nobody is on the other side of me cause alex was supposed to sit there but since he had to go to mt. paran cause he didnt like up so now i dont sit next to anyone! j/k lol then i go to science and we dont have assigned seats but we have one of thoses things goin where we kinda sit in the same spot everyday and im sittin next to erin and lou, meghan, and julia sit behind us.  then i go to the last class!! language arts and i sit between travis and ashley but i dont really like it because i sit on the very front row! o well my seats not bad but id rather sit next to other people. o well theyll probly change the seats soon once they learn our names. lol well i dont have much right now im stuck at skool until 5:30 when im goin to the varsity and then puttputting w/ church and that is gonna be soo much fun!!! im really excited to do something outside of skool for the first time this week! hehe well im g onna go find sumthin interesting to do~! ttys ~Erin~


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