hey!! this is the second time ive written in this thing today! lol i just got home from puttputting and it was sooooo much fun! like almost all of our grade was there except for a few people and i had a great time! we were really bad at the actual puttputting part but thats ok cause we didnt even keep score! hehe and star94 was there and we were dancin after we finished puttputting and we line danced to cotten eyed joe and got a free cup, magnet, a free puttputting! lol we are hilrious dancers! it was so funny everyone was watching us. when we were at the varsity we were standin around talkin and this little kid that was like 3 comes up to me and goes your pretty and then he tells whitney your pretty too and he told susan that too! he was so cute! and then ben started crackin up and laughin so hard his face turned like purple and he was laughin cause he thought that i looked funny in my vrsity hat! i think that was soo mean! but it was pretty funny! hehe o well katie, victoria and whitney were in our group and we stayed w/ ben and ross and michael and cody and then will joined us… it was lots of fun! haha i think i got a song permatately stuck in ross’ head it was so funny! haha well i guess im gonna go now… ill see ya soon! **XoXo** ~Erin~


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