hey everybody! im at school now…ive been here all day with my mom and meet and greet just ended! im in 8-2!!! which is the best pod and a bunch of my friends are on that pod!!! um… tell me what pod ur in when you get a chance i would like to know.  i think im gonna be in target science and french but im not sure.  i cant wait to find out my schedule on monday! im ready to go bak now.  i dont really know mant people in my homeroom though–i dont know who im gonna be locher partners with. i think it is so stupid that we have tiny lockers in the first place and i cant believe that we have to share them!!! we had some people w/ three to a locker! thats so dumb! we have plenty of room to put more lockers but do they put them in…NO! o well our skool is so old but i only have one more year here! yay! then im goin t oKMHS which should be good. well we have officially changed from the panthers to the mustangs and the repainted the gym floor and in the middle there is a mustang but it is really skiiny and it looks like an anorexic horse! **hey wuts ur skool mascot?** **were they anorexic horses!!!!** i dont like that i think mustnags sound better but i guess they just got a really cheep paint job done! lol plus i think that they might have banned soffe shorts in pe!! that stinks! they were selling like guys basketball shorts for everybody and they ae seethrough!! omg guys shorts are comfortable but i dont want to wear them in pe! i think pe is boring we do nt do anything fun and the only reason i liked it last year was because i got to sit next to rachel the whole time! that was awesome but i doubt that it will happen again! o well i can hope! well my mom is eating luch and she liked locked me in the classroom but her and her team are goin to eat at a resturant and i think im gonna go… ill write more tomorrow when i get home. im goin to alyssa and ansley’s party tonight so ill be bak in the mornin. maybe ill c u there or on sunday or at skool on monday mornin. ttyl ~Erin~


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