HeY hEy! i hope all opf u guys are havin a great day! mine is goin pretty good– my mom woke me up to early this mornin but thats ok im not tired or anything i would just like to sleep in everyday on my last week of summer! lol I am soooo excited about seein everybody when skool starts back though!!!!! i hope ur gonna be excited to see me too! lol j/k well im at my grandparent’s house now w/ my cuz and ill be here til tomorrow afternoon when my mom picks me up after she gets off work… im goin to work w/ her on friday b-cuz if i dont i wont get to go to open house and i want to so if u get to open house and u cant find a friend just gcome to 6-1 and get me! i hope ur gonna be in my pod! well i dont have lots to say right now…i might get bak on tonight but im not sure… im on IM and nobody is talkin to me so if ur online say sumthin to me so ill have sumone to talk to! well im gonna go now **loTs Of LoVe!**  $+_-*)(~Erin~)(*-_+$



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