hey everybody! im writin in this thing again… i think it really is a waste of my time but i always write in it anyways maybe it will have sum purpose sumtime… well i got bak from florida yesterday and then we went to church and i havent done much else– my mom is bak at work today so im gonna be home most of the week but i might go to my grandparent’s one day just to get out of the house~ but then i have a party to go to on friday and sumthin all weekend ~~ too much to do! i cant believe that skool is starting!!!!! im really excited though and i cant sleep when im excited, nercous, or worried about sumthing so i wont get any sleep sunday night hehe but at skool on monday i will be soooo hyper and excited to be there and see all of my friends again that i have only seen a couple times this summer or havent seen at all… and u guys know how much i normally talk im gonna be talkin more than that!– like nonstop all day!!! lol bet ur lookin forward to that! but u guys have to talk to me too! ok? ok.  well i think im gonna go get a shower i might go sumwhere w/ my dad cause he’s workin at home today… ill be on IM later so ull have to talk to me!!! c yas _-*)(~ErIn~)(*-_  !!XoXo!!

^^ go to this it is soo funny! but really not all blondes are this dumb– like me i am smart.  dont try and tell me im dub either because ill plug my ears and go LALALALALA! hehe


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