hey everybody! how was your day? my day was pretty fun i went to club paradise at the brown’e last night and they live in my grandparent’s neighborhood so after it me n victoria and whitney walked to their house and spent the night! and then we played this game and ben’s new name is S.L.U.Z.E and travis’s new name is T.D.A.H. and will’s new name is A.L.– but then we got up this morin and went to waffle house and ate and then nana and pop wanted to buy somthing so we waited in the car and me n whit called a bunch of guys but the only ones that were home were alex and cole hehe cause jason, matt, jordan, the white boys, and will weren’t home ~~ we think they were all doin sumtin together but we dont know.  then we went bak to our grandparent’s and we were really bored and had nothing to do so we walked down to travis’s house and played basketball w/ him and andrew and then we walked bak and by then we were like so hot and all sweaty! hehe so we put on our swim suits and we were gonna jump in the lake but then it looked nasty and it wasnt cold so we just played in the hose like little kids! lol but then we went to dinner and came home and now im tored and bored and nobody is talkin to me so im gonna go sleep i think.  maybe not i never know wut im gonna do but for now im gonna do sumthin besides this– ttyl xoxo ~Erin~


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