hey everyone!! i havent written an entry in a few days so im gonna write one now! im kinda hyper right now but its not really comin out because im tired but i think that tonight when i get around all my friends im gonna be really hyper… hehe well my moms friends came over yesterday and brought her daughter who is about my age and they spent the night and then we went shopping today which was fun! but i didnt buy anything– and then i talked to rachel on the phone for a while– omg! we are so weird together! and now im kinda bored so im here~~ but anyways tonight im goin to club paradise @ cody’s house which should be fun cause were goin swimmin and everything– (if u go to RSBC or even if u dont and u wanna come have fun w/ us tonight call me and ill tell ya how to get there! ) but he lives like right down the street from my grandparent’s house (or where i had my b-day party if u were there) and so me n victoria are gonna spend the night w/ them tonight which will probly be fun! so… i dont have much more to say i might write more lata or i might not ttys ~~Erin~~


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