howdy everybody!

wow! i dont have much to say today… not a lot goin on i went to the pool and it was kinda boring but our friends came too and i played with their little kids– they are soo cute! so it was ok but there was this really cute life gaurd guy there and my mom thought he looked like will but i said no–( in my head i was like he doesnt look like will in the first place but he definately doesnt look like him cause this guy is hot!) but im really not tryin to be mean but my interests have changed a lot and i no longer like guys that have 10-heads! omg that was soo funny at tybee that time with me and meghan.. o well i wont tell u that story right now… so im not really talkin to anybody right now but if ur readin this and ur on im u need to talk to me! haha  ok well im gonna go i think im gonna work on my scrapbook tonight and then i have to get up early tomorrow cause i have an eye doctor’s appointment! — i hope soooo bad i dont have to get glasses that wouldnt be fun! o well  c yas soon!  muahz! ~Erin~


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