hey everybody!!! i hope ur day went great!!! mine was pretty good… i went to church this morning and then all of the 7th graders sat down front w/ brent and ebby cause it was there last sunday!  (well everyone except for whit and vikki cause apparently goin to ben, cole, and matt’s baseball game was more important to them) but it was so sad because they were both crying!! then we had a reception for them and the aycocks got ebby a vase and when she opened it all of us gurls went up and put a flower in it for her and it was so sad because she was crying and all of us were about to cry then and then when we all gave them hugs and told then that we were gonna miss them and everything! but we are gonna have to go visit them and that would be awesome! like all of the people that were in 7th grade when they taught sunday skool!

anyways– i feel sick now cause i ate like half a piece of this huge cake and my tummy hurts (this is where u r supposed to feel bad for me *wink wink*) boo hoo im supposed to be practicing oboe now cause i have lessons on thursday and i havent practiced in over a week cause i went to camp w/ erin! it was so much fun and if ur one of my camp peeps u need to keep in touch w/ me! cause i miss u guys!

ok well i dont have a lot to say– leave a comment!

❤ ur bestest friend in the whole world who loves u bunches and bunches ~Erin~


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