heyhey everyone!hope ur summer is still goin great!!! its gone by soo fast though! im ready to go bak to skool to see all of my friends but i dont wanna go bak for the learning part! lol well im goin to camp this week w/ erin so that should be fun! but then we only have like 2-3 weeks of summer left! that sucks but im ready to see all my skool peeps again because i havent seen hardly any of u guys this summer–and i havent been on IM to talk to yall either! o well ill probly just talk like nonstop on the first day of skool to catch up w/ everybody! lol… i kinda talk nonstop everyday though… hmm o well do i talk too much?? sum people say i do but i dont think so… i dont like it when im w/ my friends and nobody talks! it just bothers me! (just like microphones!! lol – insider) so if u miss me and u havent seen me in a while you need to call me or talk to me soon because im sure i PROBABLY miss you too! lol okey dokey well i dont have much to say right now **WOW** hehe i guess ill ttys xoxo much luv ~Erin~

BTW-we got a bunch of pics developed and we got the ones of my b-day party– there aren’t many but they are funny! ill hafta show them to ya if u were @ my party! ok i really am gonna go now c yas

o wait… haha my dog hates me now! because i sprayed her with windex and chased her w/ the vvaccum cleaner yesterday when my mom was makin me clean and it scared her! i feel bad but it was hilarious

o yeah! sumthin weird happened yesterday i was lookin out our fromt window because i was bored and my cuz was comin over so i was standin there (the big one in our dining room if u have been to my house) and then this car drives by and in the fromt seat there was this kid that i grew up w/ and i havent seen him in 4ever! and then i told my mom and shes like o yeah u didnt know that his grandparents lived in our neighborhood ( but i didnt cause i know like no one in our neighbohood because i dont go to skool with them and its a lot of old people- but not all old people) * but this couple just moved in next door– but they aren’t an average couple– cause its two guys! lol we think they are gay but my mom still had me bake sumthin for them! hehe ok i really am gonna stop typing now! lol ill write more soon!  hugz n kissez

one last thing! haha i got a secret!!!!!!!!!!!


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