hey everybody! happy easter! i luv easter it makes my whole life meaningful…i mean if jesus had never died on the cross and rose again i would be dead 4eva after i die. that just is really amazing to me! i hope it is to u 2….

well the beach was awesome this week! wow me nd victoria had a great time and it would have been even better if a certain someone wouldnt have copied our every move but it was good n e ways! im glad im back though. i think one of the best feelings in the world is coming back from vacation and sleeping in your own bed for the first time in a week! its just soo comfy! o well thats just my opinion…i know im a dork! 🙂 i had a really fun spring break but i dont wanna go back to skool tomorrow *who does??* well i like the break but i do enjoy seeing my friends after not talkin to them for a while. i hope im not forgettin to do some hw or sumthin…o well if i do a bunch of other people probly will too. lets see~~wut else can i write on here about my boring life…well actually my life isnt very boring i just am really bored RIGHT NOW…i guess u really dont care about all of this.  well u might if ur speshul like me…;) lol my grandma got me a ribbon at the dollar store (***where everythings a dollar***) that says “very speshul person” i saw it and i was like OMG i have to have this. but i cant have it until my b-day party.  its gonna be lots of fun.  if ur readin my site ur probly gonna be invited unless i dont know u then i wanna know who u are and y ur readin my site…hmmm 

ok well i wont make u read any more stuff right now…i g2g anyways

c ya tomorrow @ skool. funfunfun!!!!! im so excited!

xoxo ~erin~



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