hey everybody! im really bored right now so im just gonna talk a lot and i dont really care if u read it or not but i have a feeling if ur bored enough to be reading my page then u should have time to read all or this…ok so im gonna tell you about my day…here it goes


well i woke up at 6:00 because we had to get to school early because my cousin was speaking at FCA so my mom came and woke me up and i fell back to sleep for 10 minutes but then i got up and went potty then turned on my hair straightener. then i went downstairs and got all my clean clothes and came back upstairs and laid them on my bead. then i picked out what i was gonna wear and put it on.  next i went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. then i put on deodorant and perfume and started brushing my hair. i then straightened it and oulled it back in a half pony tail and used gel.  then i went into the hallway and packed my bookbag and then went into my room and laid on my bed and watched bear in the big blue house.  then i came downstairs and told my daddy goodbye and grabbed a smoothis out of the fridge. then i went out to the car and put my stuff in it.  i then went out into the driveway and got the paper and then fed ginger.  then i got in the car and was waiting for my mom.  when my mom came out we started going to school.  i put on my makeup in the car and then i was cold so i turned on my seat warmer.  when we got to school i went in my moms room and put my backpack down and then i went and looked out mr fraisers door to see if my cousin was here and he was so i went and told my mom and then i went outside and told him how to get inside.  then i went into the theater and talked to my cousin and jessica and she told me about the power rangers fan club.  then we ate doughnuts and waited until it was 8:40.  then everybody else came in and i sat with erin and sarah.  then FCA started and we did the hokey pokey and sang some other songs.  we also played a game called gorilla man gun.  then we sat down and my cousin spoke for a few minutes.  then i went to my moms room and got my bookbag.  then i went to my locker and got my s.s. book, my s.s. notebook, and my math book.  then i went into homeroom and i unpacked and then gave wes my LA homework to copy.  then i talked to erin and then i sat down and listened to announcements.  then i got out my pencil and went to the computer lab for health.  i played bodyfun and then we went to band.  in band i had to borrow a piece of paper from daniel.  then we watched a movie and took two column notes for a paper we were gonna have to write.  then when band was over i walked back to homeroom with meghan.  then i got my books and went out to the trailer for LA.  i turned in my HW and got a few graded things back and then we finifhes watching the lord of the flies movie.  then we went to lunch.  i had to buy my lunch today and i got corndogs and those little potato thingies.  i also got a pink lemonade.  sharon bought me a cookie.  then after i sat down by meghan and sharon i went and got some ranch dressing.  then i ate my lunch.  then i told everybody it was b-day even though it wasnt and they started singing happy birthday to me really loud.  then i got mad at them so i went and sat at the other end of the table with my special ed friends.  then jason told me that one of my sred friends was violent so i went and sat with my other friends who sang happy birthday to me.  then i went and threw away my trash and got my books.  then i went into s.s. and we watched a movie about wildlife in madagascar and i fell asleep.  then i went to reading and did vocab lessons 11 and 12 but i copied the lesson 12 answers from ariel.  then i checked my answers and got a new vocab log and reading log.  then i started reading a story but i only got to the second page.  then i talked to alex about movies and then i went to my locker.  i put back my s.s. stuff and got out my science book.  in science i did my warm up on converting temperature from farenheit to celcius.  then i took the boi affix 6A quiz and i think i did good.  then i filled out a seating chart thing and turned it in on the filing cabinet.  then i went back to my seat and got out my wb.  then i went to the restroom and decorated my pass all prettyful.  when i came back i said hi to nick in the hallway and put up my pass.  then we watched a movie while i used erins pens to do my chapter 8 wb.  then i was standing in the hallway and i got mad at erin and sharon for being true friendas so i went and stood in the corner.  then i gave my books to alex and i went out to the trailer to get alexs white bag.  when i came back i got my mathbook out of my backpack and then i sat down and did my warmup.  i got it right so i got three tickets.  then i wrote my name on them and put them in the box.  then i gave ian my IM and email address and he gave me his.  then i sharpened my pencil and then we got in partners.  i was sharon’s partner and we did this ws on math superheros.  then i twideled my thumbs.  then kaley, alex, will, and meagan acted out a comic and then we did this other ws.  then mrs. colclasure did a drawing and i won twice! i got a shiney pencil and a flower eraser.  then class was over so i moved my books to my homwroom seat and then refused to tell alex what the list was about.  then i went to my locker and put my math and science books up.  then i went back to homeroom and sat in my seat.  then they had announcements and then i went to my moms room.  i shutdown the computer and then we left.  we went to atlanta bread company and got bagels and cokes.  then we went to sweet spirit and got me a book to read in florida.  then we wlked over to walgreens and got some candy for my trip.  then i went back to the car and realized i didnt have my purse. so we wnt in atlanta bread company and they had it so i got it and checked to see if my cell phone was still in it and it was so we left.  when we got home i got all of my stuff out of the car and went upstairs.  then i started packing and then i had to come downstairs and set the table.  then we ate dinner and i had abc pasta.  then i went back upstairs and then came downstairs and got on IM.  then i talked to a couple of people and now im doing this!  i had a very interesting day and i hope you enjoyed hearing about it… ttyl xoxo ~erin~ im so excited about the beach! i wont be online til friday though so tty then! buhbye


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